Choose a New Shade in Orlando, FL

Add a burst of color to your home with our interior painting services

Painting your home is a great way to personalize it. PJC Solutions Inc will help you make your home feel truly like yours. Our interior painting services give each room in your home the look you're after. The right color choice can make a small room feel spacious or a windowless room feel bright and airy.

When painting your home, we're careful to tarp down the floor and wrap furniture so no stray drop of paint lands on your belongings. We can remove wallpaper, paint your ceilings and work on baseboards and crown molding.

Call now to ask about the interior painting services we provide throughout Orlando, FL.

Boost your curb appeal with our painting services

Tired of the way your home's exterior looks? It may be time for a fresh coat of paint. Our home exterior painting service handles any exterior painting you want done. We can refresh peeling, faded paint or proceed with a completely new color.

We will:

  • Pressure wash your home before painting
  • Scrape away any loose paint
  • Caulk around the windows, corners and trim
  • Apply primer prior to painting

We also offer spray painting. Contact us today to schedule our home exterior painting service in Orlando, FL.