Make Sure Everything in Your Home Functions Right

Set up plumbing leak repair or electrical services in Orlando, FL

A leak in your plumbing system can run your water bills up and cause a lot of water damage. Fix the problem fast by calling PJC Solutions Inc. We're ready to carry out any plumbing leak repairs you need. Once we've located the leak, we'll get it patched up right away.

We will:

  • Fix your sink or tub
  • Clear clogged drain lines
  • Repair damaged drains and pipes

Contact us today to request our plumbing leak repairs in Orlando, FL.

Maintain a working electrical system

Problems with your electrical setup can be annoying and even dangerous. Don't take any chances. Let professionals take care of any electrical repairs required. We can inspect your electrical system, diagnose the problem and carry out the solution.

You can trust us to do anything that doesn't deal with the breaker box. That means fixing power outages, outlets and light fixtures.

Call now to learn more about the electrical repairs we do throughout Orlando, FL.